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Learn Football Playing Trick


Learning football tricks is cool if you effort hard and practice you probably get success to learn the football tricks you also have to be healthy like if your leg is broken or hand so at that time you must not play another thing is if you learned one or two tricks do not think that now you are mastered in it you have to practice and practice until you get success. There are many football tricks like flying kick football trick, banana kick and many other it does take a time to learn it but believe me you will get success after you have mastered it. There are various football players like Ronaldinho, Christiano Ronaldo and are many other they practiced from child they practice and practice they never gave up now look at them they are a football player now. You can also become one of the football player all you have to do is never give up. So first I am going to show and teach you football banana trick. Banana trick is like when you shoot a ball it goes into the air it flies. it doesn't flies ordinary it flies like banana it flies circle and hit the goal keeper Banana trick So keep in mind that you must try hard to attempt this trick to mastered it. Practice and practice until you get success. There are also many football tricks like banana trick as I have shown above And there are also list of football tricks like: Bicycle Kick: AKA: (The Pele Kick) when the ball is coming at you, Then you jump up in the air with your back parallel to the ground and kick the ball. When complete you land on your back. Bicycle Kick Clayton: If you are on the line with your back facing the line and a defender face in front of you, drag the ball with your foot as if you were going to the corner flag. Then, as the ball is moving throw the foot you dragged with around the ball and cuff with your other all in one motion. Now, you can dribble inward or put a nice cross into the 18. Double SON: (See SON) take left foot step-over the ball to the right, use right leg to kick ball behind the left leg, then plant left foot, step-over the ball (WITH your right foot) to the left, and use your left foot to kick it behind your right foot. (Just doing the basic SON twice) Drag-Step Over: take your right leg and kick toward the left, and as soon as you kick it to the left, take your right foot and do a step over to the right, then continue going left. It's a great move if you can get your timing right...Like knowing when to do the step over and all. These are the football tricks. Keep in mind to do it perfectly you have to practice and practice. There also other tricks like rainbow kick. Before using this tricks remember to wear strong football boots. This helps in increasing your football strength ability. First when i was young at the young age I used to go to the park and play football I didn't know any of the trick my friend knew several of the football tricks they were winner they knew everything about football so they used to tease me. They used to play at the big park and they never invited me. Then I was very sad the only friend I had was my friend name Manish he was a good guy. Then one day I bought a strong ball then I started playing i practiced so hard and now i am champion than them so I always tell to learn football tricks if you flop get up and effort again show the world what you are made up of. Everyone will be amazed so learn football tricks. Learning tricks is not easy task you have to practice. There are also many football players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho as you know they are famous. Football tricks specific are easy some are hard it depend upon what you are playing like many famous player does